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Coldwater Strong LLC is a local company located in Vancouver WA. We are committed to bringing new and innovative Leaders Systems to meet the ever-changing ways of fishing for Salmon/Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 


We only use top quality crimp tooling machines that meet the demand for Military and Aerospace specifications. From crimps to swivels and line we ensure quality parts and manufacturing is of the utmost importance. This gives you the confidence that every Leader we manufacture is guaranteed to perform to line tensions and specifications.

Please make sure to visit us on our social page to find out what is new with Coldwater Strong.

crimping machine for crimping leaders
picture of bumper leaders on the table next to crimping machine ready for crimping

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bumper leader do I need for a standard 8" inline Triangle flasher?


For standard 8" inline triangle flashers, we recommend 12" or 18" bumper leaders. You will find the best results using this length.  

What size bumper leader do I need for standard 11" kicker fin 360 flashers?

For 11" kicker fin 360 flashers, we recommend using 18", 24" or 30" bumper leaders. You will find the best results using this length to get maximum rotation on all kicker fin 360 flashers.  

Ken holding a fall chinook caught on the columbia river
ken with brother ray holding a fall chinook at Astoria Oregon
ken holding a fall chinook at the lewis river washington

2023 Events

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logo of the salt water show in salem orergon
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