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18" Anti-Mainline Twist Flasher Bumper Line

SKU: 0021

200 lbs. Test Mono

Quality Control Pull Test 200 lbs.

Quality Crimping with DMC Pneumatic Bench Mount Crimping Machines

Quality Stainless Steel #6 Ball Double Bearing Swivel With #6 Duolock 

Quality 3/0 High Speed Treble Swivel

Luminous Green or Red Crimp Protectors 

  • Why Have our Anti-Mainline Twist Bumper Leaders

    • Save your Lucky Flasher
    • Save time Retying
    • No line snag on Crimps
    • Keep your Flasher Spinning
    • Quick disconnect to change Flasher
    • Quick disconnect for better Storage
    • Anti-Mainline Twist System


12" Anti-Mainline Twist Bumper Leader