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200 lbs. Test Mono Main line & Leader float lines

Quality Crimping With DMC Pneumatic Crimper

Quality High Speed Treble Swivel

Quality Stainless Steel #6 Duo Lock

Luminous Crimp Protectors

Quality Painted Foam Float

System you get 3.5 x 10 x 10 Main Line & 48", 60", 72" Float Leaders

Frenchman's Bar Leader System


    • Proven Leader System For Frenchman's Bar
    • Leader system will not tangle during drop set
    • Leader system will keep your wobbler doing the dance
    • Leader system will not tangle with Fish On
    • No tangle Leader system means faster drop reset
    • Quality painted floats that will last
    • Heavy leader system that will last Spring thourgh Fall Season  
    • 48"bottom leader, 60"middle leader, 72" top leader
    • Just add 2' Of leader and your favorite Wobbler
    • Works great on all bank area of Frenchman's Bar
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